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  • Ukrainian pilots graduate elementary flying coaching in UK

Ukrainian pilots graduate elementary flying coaching in UK

The Royal Air Drive introduced on Friday that ten Ukrainian pilots have efficiently accomplished their Elementary Flying Coaching, marking a major milestone of their journey towards superior quick jet coaching…

What do Ukrainian refugees make of Israel’s battle on Gaza? | Russia-Ukraine battle Information

Glasgow, United Kingdom – Civilians have been bombed, killed and injured of their hundreds. Infrastructure has been shelled – and thousands and thousands displaced. In the present day, these pictures of…

Why a stalled Ukrainian offensive could represent a huge political problem for Zelensky in the US

CNN  —  One of Ukraine’s greatest tragedies as it pursues a critical offensive that has, so far, failed to meet its own and Western expectations is that it cannot, by…

Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant: US warns Russia not to touch American nuclear technology at Ukrainian nuclear plant

CNN  —  The US has sensitive nuclear technology at a nuclear power plant inside Ukraine and is warning Russia not to touch it, according to a letter the US Department…