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  • Wegovy for Weight problems in Children?

Wegovy for Weight problems in Children?

To grasp whether or not Wegovy must be used as a part of the answer for childhood weight problems, you first have to grasp the issue. Megan Kelsey, MD That’s…

Science We Can Use: Why Do Autoimmune Problems Afflict Girls Extra Typically than Males?

Yves right here. KLG unpacks a brand new paper that has gotten lots of play within the fashionable press, which presents a brand new idea of why girls get autoimmune…

UK home costs rise in January, Novo Nordisk weight problems drug gross sales surge – enterprise reside | Enterprise

Right here is our full story on UK home costs: The outlook for the UK housing market is “extra optimistic” as costs improved at their strongest charge in a yr,…

Apple has an obligation to help solve America’s problems

Editor’s Note: Clyde Prestowitz is the founder and president of Economic Strategy Institute. A former counselor to the commerce secretary in the Reagan administration, Prestowitz is the author of “The…