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  • Cupkin children’s cups recalled due to high lead levels

Cupkin children’s cups recalled due to high lead levels

CNN  —  The US Consumer Product Safety Commission on Thursday recalled roughly 346,000 Cupkin Double-Walled Stainless Steel Children’s Cups because they “contain levels of lead that exceed the federal lead…

A doctor known for assessing Covid risk fell ill with the virus. Here’s what he wants you to know

CNN  —  A doctor known for advising people on the risks of Covid-19 got a double surprise: He got Covid, and he wound up needing stitches because of it. Dr.…

How important is that spark when choosing a partner? The answer may surprise you

Editor’s Note: Ian Kerner is a licensed marriage and family therapist, writer and contributor on the topic of relationships for CNN. His most recent book is a guide for couples,…

Nearly two years after Texas’ six-week abortion ban, more babies are dying

CNN  —  Texas’ abortion restrictions – some of the strictest in the country – may be fueling a sudden spike in infant mortality as women are forced to carry nonviable…

Black people in redlined neighborhoods face higher risks for heart failure

CNN  —  Black adults living in zip codes historically impacted by redlining have an 8% higher risk of developing heart failure than Black adults in non-redlined areas, a study published…

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