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Sri Lanka ‘will go up in flames’: Astrologers spar over dates for brand spanking new 12 months rituals

Sri Lanka 'will go up in flames': Astrologers spar over dates for brand spanking new 12 months rituals

NEW DELHI: In Sri Lanka, the onset of the normal Sinhala and Tamil New Yr is a major occasion marked by varied rituals and customs. These practices are deeply rooted within the astrological beliefs of the island’s Buddhist and Hindu communities.The Sinhala and Tamil New Yr, recognized domestically as Aluth Avurudda and Puthandu, respectively, is a significant cultural competition in Sri Lanka that normally falls in April. Astrologers, who’re extremely regarded in Sri Lankan society, play a pivotal function in figuring out the auspicious dates and instances for these new 12 months rituals. Their steering influences not solely private and household occasions but additionally nationwide issues reminiscent of elections.The current squabble amongst Sri Lanka’s government-backed astrologers over the dates for brand spanking new 12 months rituals has garnered consideration because of the uncommon nature of the disagreement. Sometimes, the 42-member group of astrologers, employed by the cultural affairs ministry, reaches a consensus on these issues. Nonetheless, for the primary time, they’ve did not agree unanimously, resulting in public disputes and warnings of potential catastrophe.As per a information report in AFP, nearly all of the committee, after intensive discussions, selected the daybreak of the brand new 12 months to be on the night time of April 13. But, a dissenting astrologer, Roshan Chanaka, has vocally opposed this resolution, claiming that following the official instances would lead the nation into catastrophe, even going so far as to say that Sri Lanka “will go up in flames” with out offering additional particulars.This discord among the many astrologers is not only a matter of differing opinions but additionally displays the numerous affect astrology holds in Sri Lankan tradition. Astrologers’ predictions and recommendation are taken significantly, and their disagreement has the potential to trigger confusion and concern among the many populace. The state of affairs is additional difficult by the nation’s current historical past, because it emerges from its worst financial disaster, which noticed months of road protests and the resignation of then-president Gotabaya Rajapaksa in July 2022.The present president, Ranil Wickremesinghe, who is predicted to run for re-election later this 12 months, can also be affected by the astrologers’ dispute. The political panorama in Sri Lanka has seen cases the place astrological recommendation has performed a job in decision-making. For instance, practically a decade in the past, former president Mahinda Rajapaksa referred to as a snap election primarily based on the date suggested by his private astrologer, which resulted in his loss.The astrologers’ disagreement additionally raises questions in regards to the function of astrology in governance and decision-making. Whereas astrology is deeply embedded within the cultural cloth of Sri Lanka, reliance on astrological predictions for nationwide selections may be controversial. The present dispute highlights the stress between conventional beliefs and fashionable governance practices.In conclusion, the squabble amongst Sri Lankan astrologers over the dates for brand spanking new 12 months rituals is a mirrored image of the deep-seated cultural significance of astrology within the nation. It underscores the ability and affect astrologers wield in society and the potential affect of their disagreements on public life and nationwide affairs. As Sri Lanka navigates its post-crisis restoration and upcoming elections, the function of astrology and its practitioners stays a subject of debate and curiosity.

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